October 26 is our Watershed Moment

October 26th 2016 is THE critical date for the Expo 2025 Canada initiative. The Expo 2025 Feasibility Study and an accompanying City Staff Report will be presented to the City’s Executive Committee who will then vote on whether or not to proceed with a formal bid, and seek to engage the federal and provincial governments. The result of this October 26th Executive Committee vote will largely determine how Toronto City Council will vote when it comes to a final vote by council on November 8th.

Download the Case for Expo 2025 Canada brochure.

We are closer than ever to bringing Expo 2025 to Toronto, but we need YOUR participation now, more than ever. It is vitally important that we show up in big numbers to show Council that we are committed to bringing Expo 2025 to Canada. We need you to join us in person October 26th after 1pm, at Toronto City Hall.

Depute in Person on the Afternoon of October 26

It is critical that we have deputations come from all sectors of the economy, all areas of the city, and from all walks of life, so as to signal strong community-based support for Toronto moving forward with a request to the federal government. It will show all levels of government that this is indeed a watershed moment for our city and our region. You need to register to “Request to Speak” give your deputation.

Who:  The Executive Committee of Toronto City Council
What:  Your making a 3-minute deputation to the Committee on October
When: October 26, 2016, in the afternoon. We estimate it will be after 1:00pm
Where: Committee Room # 1, Second Floor., Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

If you are interested in giving a deputation, please get in touch. We will provide all the information you need to deliver a 3-minute (max.) deputation to the Executive Committee.

Submit a Written Deputation

If you are not able to appear in person, you can still have your voice heard.  You can please prepare a brief 3-minute (max.) written deputation, or a 3-minute (max.) on why Canada and Toronto should proceed with an Expo bid: what it will mean to jobs, opportunities, to your sector or area of the economy, to the city, to Greater Toronto, and to the nation. You have until November 7 to submit your deputation.

This will be our one and only opportunity for you, your organization, group, or sector, to appear before members of Toronto City Council in committee to support Expo. If you are interested in giving a written deputation, please get in touch.

Important Details on How to Depute

Here are important details with respect to registration, submitting a written deputation, and any other necessary details: Deputation Instructions for the October 26th Executive Committee Toronto City Hall.

We need YOU to make your voice heard! We need to send a strong signal to the City of Toronto that there is widespread support for Expo 2025 Canada.