TMX Group Strongly Endorses Expo 2025 Canada

It is with great excitement and anticipation that TMX Group strongly endorses Expo 2025 Canada. At the centre of Toronto’s financial district, the roots of TMX Group are intertwined with the history of this great city. We are proud to pledge our support to Expo 2025 Canada and to share Toronto’s story of Canadian diversity, inclusion and city-building with the world.

Expo 2025 Canada also represents an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the new and next wave of talented and inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs, including technology and innovation companies, on the international stage.

The redeveloped Port Lands location offers the city an opportunity to build out a significant portion of the central waterfront plan. We believe Expo 2025 Canada can ultimately act as a catalyst to accelerate an important urban renewal project, while also promoting locally-based Canadian ingenuity in clean and green technologies.

Beyond important local benefits like job creation, tourism and urban development, TMX Group believes that Expo 2025 Canada can serve to globally differentiate, redefine and rebrand our city and country as innovative leaders and truly demonstrate Canadian ingenuity and resourcefulness. Expo 2025 Canada is an incredible opportunity for the Toronto region, province and country and one that we should all seize with confidence and purpose.

Read the full letter to Mayor John Tory from TMX Group.