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For Immediate Release: Major boost for Toronto bid for Expo 2025

For immediate release: Major boost for Toronto bid for Expo 2025

– The Prime Minister has written a supportive letter,
– Business leaders have come forward to pay for the costs of an Expo business plan,
– A broad coalition representing labour, arts and culture, and the infrastructure, development, and construction sectors in Greater Toronto are giving strong support.

In advance of Tuesday morning’s crucial Executive Committee meeting at the City of Toronto, supporters of a Toronto bid for Expo 2025 are celebrating three positive developments:

1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has written a supportive letter to Mayor John Tory, saying “our government is prepared to explore next steps”.  Canada’s rejoining the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) is crucial to launching a bid. The PM is clearly signalling that if City Council supports initiating the process for an Expo bid, his government is ready to talk.

2. A coalition of some 40 business leaders has written a letter to the mayor promising to raise the money to cover the costs of preparing a business plan. No taxpayer money is needed to take us to the next step.

3. Twenty-five leaders from the labour, development, infrastructure and construction sectors have written a letter urging council to support a bid, saying: “Expo 2025 Canada will give our nation an excellent opportunity to punch above our weight, leveraging our assets to host the world and celebrate the very best in human endeavour.”

“We are thrilled that Prime Minister Trudeau has given us such important encouragement,” said Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, a leading Expo proponent on council. “With such broad, diverse support, and with business stepping up in a big way, we hope Mayor Tory will now take a leadership role on a project that could inspire a generation of Torontonians.”

“I am pleased to be a volunteer in this effort and am leading a coalition of business executives who believe that Expo has the power to enhance Canada’s brand, and to generate big economic gains and employment for our region. We are prepared to fund the next level of study to prove the benefits for all stakeholders,” said Ken Tanenbaum, vice chair of the Kilmer Group. “It is an investment in the future of our city”.

An Expo 2025 bid will be examined by the Executive Committee on Tuesday May 24.  A long and diverse list of individuals and organizations will be urging councillors to go forward with this extraordinary opportunity.

***** City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Toronto business leader Ken Tanenbaum will be taking reporters’ questions at 11:00 AM Monday May 23, at Nathan Phillips Square, just outside the main doors of City Hall  *****

The letter from Prime Minister Trudeau, from the business leaders willing to fund the next steps, and the letter from leaders in the Labour / Construction / Infrastructure /and Development sectors are attached below, along with an Expo backgrounder.

For more information, contact:
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Mark Maloney: Cell: 416-324-9432   Email: markmaloney@sympatico.ca


Supporting documents:
Letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Mayor John Tory
– EXPO2025 Coalition Letter From Building Development Industry to Mayor John Tory
– Private sector support for the ongoing exploration of an Expo 2025 bid
– Letter to Justin Trudeau from John Tory and Expo 2025 Canada Committee