Statement from Expo 2025 Steering Committee Regarding the Staff Report on Possible Expo 2025 Canada Bid

May 16, 2016

The staff report to the Executive Committee gives us a useful framework as Toronto City Council considers whether to support a bid for Expo 2025. We agree totally with the conclusion that Toronto needs funding commitments from the governments of Ontario and Canada. But we have only begun the process of seeking those commitments.

At this early stage, it is important to understand that the concept of an Expo bid enjoys broad and diverse support among business, labour, community and the arts in the city.

It goes beyond words. Members of the business community have come forward to offer to pay for the initial work on developing a business plan for Expo. City staff resources and time are not required at this point. All that is needed is a signal of support from council to proceed. They do not need to commit any taxpayers dollars.

With the withdrawal of Rotterdam, Toronto now stands as a clear favourite for Expo 2025. The Bureau International des Expositions is encouraging us to bid. It would build upon the redevelopment that is already underway for the Port Lands.

Expo is a once in a lifetime opportunity, with as yet no need for a commitment of taxpayers dollars.

The Prime Minister says “Canada is back” on the world stage. We agree. Here is our chance to show it.