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Tuesday May 24 is our Watershed Moment – Join us

Tuesday, May 24 is our opportunity to show City Council the widespread support and public interest in Expo 2025 Canada. A group of industry and cultural leaders will be making deputations in front of the City’s Executive Committee at Toronto City Hall.

Submit A Letter of Support

If you are unable to depute in person on May 24 (and even if you are deputing), we urge you to submit a written letter of support. At the top left of the page, click “Submit comments” at the top right of the agenda page – this will lead you to anemail to the Clerk, to which you can attach your document.

Tell City Council you want Expo

Many Councillors are looking for public support in making a tough decision. You want to offer them compelling reasons to support Expo. The most effective way to do this is to offer positive stories, reasons, rationale, and facts on the value of bringing Expo to Toronto in 2025. Explain WHY we should proceed with Expo, what it will mean to jobs, opportunities, to your area of the economy, and the future of Toronto. It is helpful to indicate what neighbourhood you live in, and identify who is your Councillor, MPP and MP, and don’t forget to introduce yourself or your organization. Length: 1-2 pages, no longer than 2 pages. Check out our FAQ for lots of great info.

Spread the Word

Join us on social media. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and join the conversation using the #Expo2025 hashtag.